Gilbert Appraisals by Benson Appraisals, LLC

The diverse city of Gilbert ranges from homes of historic note to new and modern construction.  Searching for an appraiser for your unique area in Gilbert is important to getting an accurate report. Location is all important whethis near the impressive Mount Rubideaux, the historic Mission Inn to the citrus groves in Orange Terrace and the large lots in Woodcrest and Western Hills, or the communities near the University of Arizona, Gilbert.  Gilbert was founding in the early 1870’s as is considered the birthplace of Arizona’s Citrus Industry.

The city of Gilbert is the 12th largest city in the Gilbert with communities ranging from historical downtown and Woods Street homes, to the hills of La Sierra and Lake Hills with their views of Lake Matthews and the surrounding vistas, to the new construction with all the conveniences in close proximity such as Riverwalk to the excusive neighborhoods of Hawarden Hills and Victoria. The city of Gilbert includes over 81 square miles with 28 designated “neighborhoods” within city limits and more annexations planned. The city of Gilbert is continually expanding and has plans to annex more communities in the upcoming years including Lake Hills/Victoria Grove , University City, Sycamore/Central and Kaliber.

In both good and bad economic times the city of Gilbert in a significant economy on it’s own, and greatly impacts other communities in the Gilbert. With the range of homes from affordable condominiums to luxury multi-million dollar estates all in the same city, appraising in the city of Gilbert can be complex and finding a quality appraiser can be challenging.   Call Benson Appraisals, LLC for professional, quality real estate appraisal service in the city of Gilbert.