Spacious vs. Practical: Which Bedroom Setup Adds More Value?

3 Large Bedrooms or 4 Small Ones? The debate as to which adds more value.

As a seasoned real estate appraiser serving the greater East Valley, I often encounter homeowners wrestling with the decision between opting for fewer, larger bedrooms or going for a greater number of smaller rooms. 

Today, I’m diving deep into this debate to uncover which option might add more value to your property.

The Case for Spacious Bedrooms

Imagine walking into a bedroom expansive enough to house a king-sized bed comfortably, a cozy seating area, and even a desk space perfect for those work-from-home days. These large bedrooms aren’t just rooms; to me, they’re personal sanctuaries where one can unwind in luxury after a long day. They offer ample space for personalized decoration and can easily adapt to changes in lifestyle, such as a new baby or a new hobby that requires space.

From my appraisal perspective, larger bedrooms can significantly enhance the perceived value of a home, presenting it as more luxurious and upscale. Potential buyers often get swayed by the grandeur and possibilities these rooms suggest—think of a master bedroom that doubles as a private retreat.

The Benefits of Having More Bedrooms

Conversely, having more bedrooms can be a practical choice, particularly for growing families or those who entertain guests frequently. Each room can serve a specific purpose: a home office, a craft room, a workout space, or a dedicated guest room. This flexibility is a significant selling point for potential buyers who prioritize practical living arrangements and future-proofing their homes against changing family dynamics.

Moreover, more rooms can translate to better functionality and privacy within the household. For investors or property sellers, this setup can attract a broader audience, from large families to young professionals looking for a house-share arrangement.

Market Trends and Buyer Preferences

In the real estate market of the greater East Valley, both options have their appeal, but the preference can vary significantly based on demographic trends and buyer priorities. Families might lean towards more bedrooms, while couples or retirees may value expansive personal spaces more.

What Adds More Value?

The answer isn’t straightforward and depends heavily on the current market dynamics and the specific neighborhood. As your local real estate appraiser at Benson Appraisals, I recommend considering not just the immediate benefits but also the long-term flexibility and usability of the space. A well-planned home that balances both spaciousness and practicality can often offer the best resale value.


So, whether you’re renovating or just pondering future real estate investments, think about how each option aligns with your needs and those of potential buyers. And remember, whether you choose three large bedrooms or four smaller ones, make your decision based on both current trends and timeless appeal.

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Let’s make sure your home maximizes its value in the ever-evolving real estate market of the greater East Valley!

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