Remodeled Kitchen or Bath: Which Improves Value the Most?

The Great Home Improvement Debate

When it comes to increasing the market value of a home, few questions spark as much debate as whether to upgrade the kitchen or the bathroom.

I’m Diana Benson with Benson Appraisals, diving deep into this discussion to provide homeowners and potential sellers with a clearer understanding of where their investment might best be placed.

The Case for My Chef’s Kitchen

A chef’s kitchen isn’t just about cooking; for me, it’s a statement of luxury and functionality. It often includes high-end appliances, expansive countertops, and stylish finishes. The appeal here is broad, touching on aspects like the ease of preparing meals, the joy of entertaining, and the sheer aesthetic pleasure. But does this translate to a good return on investment?

From my experience and research, national statistics show that kitchen renovations can yield a significant return, often as much as 70-80% of the project cost or more, depending on the depth of the remodel and the local market dynamics. For homes in the greater East Valley, where family and social gatherings are a staple of community life, a modern, updated kitchen could be a major selling point.

The Spa-Like Bathroom’s Appeal

On the other side of the argument lies the bathroom, transformed into my personal spa. This sanctuary space can be equipped with features like deep soaking tubs, rainfall showers, and bespoke vanities. The appeal here is predominantly about privacy and personal relaxation, an increasingly valued aspect in our fast-paced world.

While potentially less universal in appeal than kitchens, updated bathrooms can also offer substantial returns. In some cases, homeowners can see up to a 60-70% or more return on their investment based on national statistics. Especially in high-stress or upscale markets, a luxurious bathroom can be the deciding factor for potential buyers.

What Do the Experts Say?

The choice between kitchen vs bathroom upgrades can often depend on current market trends and the specific needs of the neighborhood. For instance, in a family-oriented community, kitchen upgrades may be more beneficial, while in an area with younger professionals, bathroom improvements might rank higher on the priority list.

Consider Your Market

Understanding the demographics and buyer preferences in your area can greatly influence the decision. Our company, Benson Appraisals, serving the greater East Valley, has the local expertise to guide you toward the most beneficial upgrades for your specific market area.


Whether you choose to invest in a kitchen or a bathroom upgrade, the key is to align the project with both your personal preferences and the demands of the local real estate market.

With my professional advice, you can navigate these decisions with greater confidence, ensuring that your home not only meets your needs but also maximizes its potential resale value.

Ready to explore the best options for your home? Contact me today at 480-926-8528 or via email at and ensure your home stands out in the greater East Valley market!

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